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Carpet Cleaning Wigan

King Carpet Cleaning Wigan - You Name It, We Clean It!

King Carpet Cleaning Wigan has been providing families a peace of mind that has been resulting in a refreshingly & immaculate home. Our Wigan carpet cleaning company has dedicated themselves to provide you with a cleaner and healthier home. Due to our years of experience you can rest assure we are using proper and proven methods for our carpet cleaning, tile cleaning & upholstery cleaning services. As a Wigan carpet cleaner, we provide both commercial and residential cleaning solutions so be sure to give us a ring if you want to enjoy a healthy and clean home / work environment. Call Us Today!

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A Thumbs Up, Every Single Time

Our Wigan carpet cleaning company values all of our customers which shows with our years and years of quality services all around Wigan and surrounding areas. As a Wigan carpet cleaner we can provide a customized cleaning service to fit your specific needs at affordable pricing. Whether you are in need of a standard cleaning service or are in desperate need of an emergency cleaning solution, we are able to deliver!

Local Cleaning Services Wigan

King Carpet Cleaning Wigan - You Name It, We Clean It!

Carpet Cleaning

Learn more about our local Wigan carpet cleaners service. 

Upholstery Cleaning

Get in touch with us about our Upholstery Cleaning Service

Hardwood, Grout & Tile

Get to know our Hardwood, Grout and Tile Cleaning Service

Stain And Odor Treatment

Let us help you get rid of those nasty spills, stains and odors.

Curtain Cleaning

Providing Curtain Cleaning Services to everyone

Additional Cleaning Services

Read more about our Additional Cleaning Services today!

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A Cleaning Solution For Every Situation

Our Wigan carpet cleaners have encountered every single possible scenario available during our years of cleaning residential and commercial buildings. Perhaps you are moving out from your rental apartment on to something new and need it to be tidied up, making sure you will get your deposit back? Another scenario could be that you just moved into a new building and invited friends and family over which left you with quite a mess after your housewarming party. Fortunately, our local Wigan carpet cleaning company is just one call away to get this all sorted for you!

Residential And Commercial Cleaning

Our cleaning services apply to commercial and industrial buildings as well. If you wish to make use of our commercial Wigan carpet cleaners, you have come to the right place! Perhaps you have important clients coming over and need your business to be tidied up by our Wigan carpet cleaner before they arrive? All of our available cleaning services are applicable for any business type, resulting in a cleaning solution for every location and situation.

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Quality cleaning against affordable prices – no surprises!

Carpet Cleaners Wigan At Heart

It is a fact that carpets can take quite a punch over the months or years that they are in use. Being under your feet 24/7, 365 days a year, they will end up being filthy, soiled and filled with dirt, grit and other unhygienic particles. These particles will pile up in you’re the fibers of your carpet, containing all sorts of allergies. For your own safety and everyone around you, it is essential that you get rid of the filth and other non-hygienic particles that accumulated over time in your house.

This task can be quite difficult to do by yourself. Depending on the dirt and stains that have accumulated in to your carpet, different solutions are on hand. Before taking matters into your own hands make sure that you know what you are doing before taking action. We strongly advise to take advantage of our services as King Carpet Cleaning Wigan can surely assist you in any cleaning situation. As a local Wigan carpet cleaner we provide quality cleaning services to all our customers, all year round.

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Always Happy Customers

We consider the residential and commercial buildings to be one of our own which shows when we deliver our service to our customers. Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed!

"I called King Carpet Cleaning Wigan as I needed our carpets in our meeting rooms cleaned. Appointment was made and they delivered. I asked them on the spot to please take care of the meeting room chairs as well which they did as well. After they finished the job, the carpets and our chairs looked brand new again! Would recommend them to anyone."
- 5 stars
Ethan J.
"I needed a thorough carpet and upholstery cleaning in my living room which they did! It almost smells and feels as if our house is brand new. Thank you for the good service. Will be contacting you guys again soon!"
- 5 stars
Stacey B.

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Why Stick With Us?

Our local Wigan carpet cleaners have both experience and knowledge when it comes to mopping, steaming, vacuuming, shampooing, washing, scrubbing, spraying, steaming and cleaning! Let us take care of it all, and we will have your home looking, feeling and smelling brand new.  Get in touch with us if you are looking for friendly, experienced, reliable and affordable team of dedicated cleaners. We are here to serve our customers with the highest standard. In case you are wondering what services are providing there is quite a list to choose from.

Our Wigan Carpet Cleaners go above and beyond! We don’t just operate in Wigan, but we also serve the surrounding areas which incl. Bolton, Leigh, Sint Helens, Skelmersdale, Aspull, Platt Bridge, Roby Mill, Hindley Green, Westhoughton, Blackrod, Haigh, Orell & Upholland. King Carpet Cleaning Wigan, the best Wigan carpet cleaners near you. We have a cleaning solution for every situation!

Our Cleaning Methods

As a local Wigan carpet cleaning company we offer a wide range of cleaning methods to our customers, which we can divide into the following methods. We are able to incorporate these services for Residential and Commercial usage.

Encapsulation Cleaning Services

Encapsulation Cleaning uses a process that encapsulates soil particles laying on your carpet, upholstery or other fabric-items. This process encapsulates a crystalline residue which is applied to your carpet and will be allowed 20 -30 minutes to dry. The crystalline residue used is chemically formulated to encapsulate the dirt & soil within the carpet. Once dried the dirt and soil can be vacuumed up, resulting in a fresh and clean carpet, soil and dirt free! This cleaning process avoids long drying times, making the carpet fully usable and accessible within half an hour after the encapsulation cleaning process is completed. Additionally, usage of the chemically formulated crystalline residue will protect your carpet, making sure your carpet will stay cleaner for a longer period of time.

Feel free to get in touch with us regarding any questions related to our cleaning services as we are happy to assist.

Our Dry Cleaning Service

As a local Wigan carpet cleaning we often promote our Dry Cleaning Services to businesses, as this cleaning option has the fastest drying time. For our Dry Carpet Cleaning method the carpet cleaner uses the VLM System (Very Low Moisture). This specific system breaks up and dissolves the soil by using dry compounds combined with a preconditioned cleaning solution. Your carpet can be put to use again within no time!

When comparing Steam Cleaning vs Dry Cleaning a few things stand out;

  1. Dry Cleaning causes less stress on your carpet than Steam Cleaning does.
  2. Dry Cleaning is less labor intense but keep in mind that the costs are more expensive due to usage of the VLM System and its components.
  3. A faster drying time can be guaranteed for our Dry Cleaning services compared to Steam Cleaning.

You Only Want The Best For Your Family!

King Carpet Cleaning Wigan will only be satisfied once our customers are satisfied.
This goes to show in the services we supply to our customers, year in, year out.

Steam Cleaning Service

Steam Cleaning is currently the most popular cleaning method these days, especially when it comes to carpet and couch cleaning. Steam cleaning involves hot water-based solutions which will extract dirt from your carpet / upholstery. Our Wigan carpet cleaner uses Steam Cleaning Equipment that sprays a solution onto the carpet while scrubbing and vacuuming it at the same time, dissolving the dirt. After this process has been completed, we will use a pressurized cleaning wand to pass over your carpet. This process will be done several times, mainly to make sure all the chemical solutions have been dissolved.

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