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Rug Cleaning Wigan

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Unfortunately, normal cleaning and vacuuming will not keep your rugs free from dust, dirt, and allergens. This is why our team of cleaners are offering our customers a cleaning service specifically for their rugs. Oriental, Kashmir, Persian, whatever type of rug you have, get in touch with us to see what we can do for you. We have two flavors when it comes to cleaning your rugs which are Steam Cleaning and Dry Cleaning. Choosing our Rug Cleaning Service means your rug will be cleaned, groomed and detailed, making it look more beautiful than ever before.

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Our experts will follow the following steps:
1. We always start by inspecting the rug whilst explaining the cleaning process to you.

2. We will than start with removing as much furniture as we possibly can to proceed with the cleaning process.
3. Our skilled experts will start by spot treating the areas that are in need of some extra attention.
4. After the spots have been treated our team can get started with the actual cleaning process. We will start with our rug cleaning machine, set to deep cleaning. This setup will be pumping hot water into your rug. By doing this the dirt will start to release from the fibers followed by extracting both the water and dirt from your rug.
5. About 90% of all water used will be removed with the help of our powerful Rug Cleaning Vacuum, enabling your rug to dry quickly.
6. Final stage will be a complete inspection with you, making sure you are satisfied with the services we provided.

Of course, we also offer protectors and odor neutralizers for your rug as well.
These will help expand your rugs life and will help keeping nasty odors to settle in your rug. Give us a call and schedule in an appointment with the number 1 rug cleaner in Wigan and the surrounding areas. Your rug deserves it!

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Mattress Cleaning Wigan

King Carpet Cleaning Wigan, known to you for being the king carpet cleaner in Wigan and the surrounding areas is also able to clean your mattress. Of course, this service applies to both residential and commercial customers.
You can be assured that taking advantage of our Mattress Cleaning Service will result in your mattress looking, feeling and smelling as if it were brand-new.  Stains and spots will be properly removed. Bad odors will be neutralized, cleaned and deodorized and dust mites will be eliminated. Let us take care of your mattress to be able to enjoy a good night’s sleep again on your dust & mite-free clean mattress. Don’t wait too long, you deserve better! Call now and arrange a booking today!

Air Duct Cleaning Wigan

You almost never hear anyone mentioning Air Duct Cleaning, while this should be considered a priority to say the least. Air Duct Cleaning should be considered to be of high importance. As we mentioned previously in our curtain cleaning services, curtains were originally designed to collect dust from your home. If we look at the average household, it can collect up to 45 lbs of dust, dirt and allergens in their air ducts every year. Each and every time you use them these particles will be circulated throughout your house, causing allergies and other problems. One of the reasons why a periodic air duct cleaning is of great importance. King Carpet Cleaning Wigan offers this service to all our customers. We are using a special vacuum to clean vents and air ducts. We will proceed with flushing away all the dirt, dust and other pollutants. This will result in your home being cleaner but also healthier to live in. Get in touch with us to schedule in your appointment and you’ll be on your way to a cleaner and healthier home!

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