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King Carpet Cleaning Wigan is locally known as the go-to professional carpet cleaning expert, with years of experience and expertise. Our professional cleaners will provide the best carpet cleaning services locally available for both Industrial and Residential buildings.

Recent tests have concluded that the cleaning services that we are providing removes up to 95% of the most common household bacteria and allergens. We want to make sure your family, your pets and your environment is safe, which is why we only use the safest carpet cleaning solutions available. Our carpet cleaning experts will make sure your home will be thoroughly cleaned, keeping our customers 100% satisfied.

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Our team uses a cleaning method called Steam Carpet Cleaning. This particular method of carpet cleaning is using a proprietary hot water extraction that will help clean your carpet. Our experts are able to safely remove any spots, odors and dirt without leaving any of the residue behind in your carpet. An additional bonus is that we are assisted by our powerful water extractor which will extract all water from your carpet. This will result in your carpet being clean, fresh and dry within a matter of hours.

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Residential And Commercial Cleaning​

King Carpet Cleaning Wigan only uses the very best cleaning equipment available to be able to guarantee our quality services. Our High-end Carpet Washer is a force to be reckoned with, helping to prolong the life of your carpet, suitable for both businesses and residential buildings. You can rest assure your carpet will be looking and smelling brand-new once our cleaners have completed their work.

For our commercial customers we can offer both our Dry Cleaning Services and our Steam Cleaning Services. Our personal preference goes to our Dry Cleaning Services when it comes to commercial buildings as this allows for a faster drying time when combined with our VLM System. This will result in your company being back in business in no time!

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Our Carpet Cleaning Process

1. Our experts will start by inspecting all the rooms that you would like to get cleaned. Once inspected they will sit down with you to explain our carpet cleaning process from start to finish.
2. Once all questions have been answered our team will start with moving as much furniture out of the way, so we can start with our carpet cleaning process.
3. Our team will start off by investigating your carpet for any spots that perhaps need extra treating or attention.
4. Once the additional spot treating has been completed we are able to start with our deep cleaning process which begins with pumping hot water into your carpet. By doing so this will release any dirt that has been piling up deep within your carpet. Once released our experts will extract the water and dirt from your carpet. By doing so your carpet should be dry within several hours.
5. Our team will do a final inspection together with you as we want to be sure you are happy with the services we provided.

Extra Carpet Cleaning Care

Protect Your Carpet
We are always looking for ways to extend the life of the carpets we service, which is why we are offering a special protector that can help to prevent damage caused by dirt and spills. Another bonus would be that it also protects your carpet from bacteria nesting. It will also defend your carpet against wear and tear due to everyday foot traffic and daily vacuuming. Feel free to get in touch as we’re happy to provide this service to our customers, especially for our customers which have kids and/or pets running around in their house.

Removing Odors from your Carpet
Odors in your home can be caused by pets, children, spilled and cooked food of all sorts. These odors can become trapped in your carpet, piling up in your carpet’s fibers. A quick fix for this would be to ask us about our carpet deodorizer. This specially fabricated carpet deodorizer doesn’t just mask the odor. Instead, it removes the odor by neutralizing its source. This will result in your carpet smelling as it came fresh out of the store. Make sure to get in touch with us, the best carpet cleaners nears you!

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