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Curtains are often considered to be fixtures. Curtains can help with regulating the amount of sunlight that enters your home or office. They also have the ability to be able to control the temperature in your home or business, keeping that are nice and cool. People often use curtains to improve the appearance of their interior, whether its residential or commercial, it can provide that “warm” feeling that you might have been missing.

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Curtains were actually not designed to do any of the above. Curtains were essentially designed to prevent dust from getting into your room(s). Additionally, to blocking the dust they also were meant to help gather the dust all in one place. Each and every curtain currently owned is still collecting dust which is why it is so important to regularly clean your curtains, removing the dust which has been piling up within their fibers.  We strongly advise you not to through your curtains into a washing machine. Depending on the fabric this can result in a serious disaster. Get a hold of one of our experts, and we will help clean your curtains without any issues!

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We are able to conclude that your curtains are actually acting the same way an air filter does. Your curtains will catch dust and odors out of the open air, to contain it in their fibers. People often think lightly about cleaning their curtains which is why we always suggest having a good look at your curtains. Grab the inside of the tails, swags and pelmets and you will soon realize how much dust and odors have come to settled within your curtains over a period of time. Take a good sniff to find out which bad odors have been nesting in your curtains, smelling and looking stale and dirty.

Quickly dial 01942 316805 and call our curtain cleaning experts! The king of carpet cleaning is here to assist you, cleaning your curtains on-site, without having to remove your curtains! Leave it to the experts to properly clean your curtains, pelmets, tails & swags!

Curtain Cleaning Professionals

Be sure to take advantage of our curtain cleaning professionals:
1. Our experts will clean your curtains whilst still hanging on your wall. You will not have to worry about the hassle of taking your curtains down or even getting them up.
2. Our team will start with performing several tests to determine if your curtains can be cleaned by us without causing any damages to them.
3. Don’t be afraid of color changes as we only use special cleaning solutions to prevent this from happening.
4. We only the very best curtain cleaning tools to remove all the dust, stains and odors from your curtains.
5. After our curtain cleaning service has been completed we will use a special curtain protector. This protector will assist your curtain in staying cleaner for a longer period.
6. Final result, curtains that are looking, feeling and smelling as if they came right of the store!

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