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King Carpet Cleaners Wigan - You Name It, We Clean It!

Since you are trusting us with your carpet, make sure to take advantage of all of our services which included our extraordinary Upholstery Cleaning Services. Your beloved furniture will truly benefit from a good cleaning as well. Let our experts handle your sofa, chairs, seats and other interior that might be in need of a good cleaning. We will make sure your furniture will smell and feel as refreshed the first day they entered your home.

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King Carpet Cleaning Wigan is using the best eco-friendly cleaning products available in today’s market. Our products will remove all the hard-to-reach allergens and harmful bacteria from your valuable furniture. Recent studies have indicated that unhygienic upholstery in your home is considered to be one of the leading causes of allergies. Most people forget that it only takes a short period of time for dust and grime to build up in your furniture. This includes your chairs, your couch, seats and rugs or even your mattress which can cause harmful respiratory issues if not cleaned thoroughly. We offer our cleaning services on a periodic base, making sure your upholstery will be fresh and clean throughout each year.

Once our experts finalized cleaning, we will proceed to treat your furniture with odor removal products. These particular products will not only remove all the bad odors but will also prevent them from returning. Who doesn’t want a home smelling fresh as a daisy?


King Carpet Cleaners Wigan - You Name It, We Clean It!

We always start with an assessment where we determine the type of material of your furniture. After this we start assessing the soils and stains that have accumulated in your furniture. Once that is sorted, we will know which cleaning techniques are the best suitable for the job and start with the cleaning process.

Most people are under the impression that leather furniture does not need to be cleaned quite as often as normal fabric upholstery. Unfortunately this is far from being true. Leather is also vulnerable and can attract and maintain unhygienic particles and hazardous dirt. These could be harmful to your health and can also cause bad odors throughout your house.

The benefits of cleaning periodically

King Carpet Cleaners Wigan - You Name It, We Clean It!

Let’s summarize all the benefits when it comes to cleaning your upholstery periodically.

  • Stain Removal – start with removing your stains periodically with the help of our Periodic Upholstery Cleaning Service. Get rid of the dust, unhygienic particles and other accumulated debris that tend to hide within your upholstery. Stains and dirt are easier to get rid of when being tackled as soon as possible!
  • Another great benefit of Periodic Cleaning is the fact that it will extend your upholstery’s life. Your furniture won’t become victim of upholstery furnishings, keeping your furniture in good order, for years to come.
  • The apparel of your furniture will be looking brand-new once again after our cleaning experts have completed their cleaning services.
  • By taking advantage of our Upholstery Cleaning Service we can reduce the risk of mold, allergies and other potential health issues, making sure those bacteria are exterminated
  • Smelling like Brand-New – Our expert cleaners will make sure to eliminate all bad odors leaving your upholstery fresh and clean for everyone to enjoy.

    Make sure to take advantage of our Upholstery Cleaning Services and get in touch with us to schedule in an appointment. Making use of our services will result in your furniture looking like it just came fresh out of the store with the cost of buying new!

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